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Welcome to I Go Shop 4 You, the place where personal shopping takes on a whole new meaning.
We are based in Southern Spain where we settled a number of years ago. It was never our intention to start a business such as this but after a short while it became the obvious thing to do. We come from a background of fashion, retail and event management so we put our work experiences and our heads together and , viola, I Go Shop 4 You was born.
We offer a variety of personal shopping services which are tailor made to your own needs. For example one of our stylists can visit your home and take you through your existing wardrobe and show you how to make the very best of your favorite items. We also have a personal shopping service which will give you style tips, colour usage and shape wear hints and ultimately, we offer the use of a stylist to shop alongside you to find that statement outfit or core pieces that will take your look to another level.
We also have the i Go Shop 4 You on-line boutique , where we hope to have a little something for everyone, you will find us at our STORE
Thank you for taking the time to read about us, if you would like any information regarding any of our services then please complete the contact form on this page.
I Go Shop 4 You , so  you don't have to.

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This is me - Confidential Retail Consultant



As a professional retail consultant I have gained the experience that enables me to shop 4 you or shop alongside you I am happy to meet you at your residence to discuss all your personal shopping requirements.


I go shop 4 you will do all the searching locating and communicating to find the exact item that you require I will always ensure i get the best price possible, saving you time and money.


My aim is to have all your personal goods, gifts,and shopping requirements arrive at your door or desired location via the most cost effective and efficient method including personally delivering your chosen items myself.

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